Before you contact me with interest of adoption, please answer the following questions in the contact form provided elsewhere on the website. When you make application please answer the following.

1. Where are you located?

2. Do you own any other pets?

3. Do you have young children?

4. Do you work full time?

5. Can you provide a safe outdoor and indoor area for your puppy?

6. Do you understand that this puppy is not being sold for breeding or exhibition purposes?

7.  Have you read my Sales Terms, Sale Contract and Health Policy?

8. Are you prepared to abide by my terms?

9. Are you prepared to take on the responsibility of looking after a dog for the term of the dog's life?

10. Who will be the primary carer for the dog?

Thanks for your interest.

Pictured here with his brother and sister, they are not available. Scroll right down to see a video of them playing five weeks old.