Care Of Your Puppy!

On arrival.

Puppies become stressed with change so moving to a new home, may cause some stress. There are certain things the new owner can do to make the transition easier on the puppy. Below are some pointers:

Puppies are raised indoors, in my home, and unless the weather is good, they donít go outside at all. If the weather is nice, they are allowed to play in the puppy allocated area which concreted and enclosed top and two sides for protection from the weather. Adult dogs are not allowed there. They are still brought back into my home to sleep, eat, etc.

Puppies are raised indoors in a puppy exercise pen, which is the same place they are delivered by their mothers, though in a whelping bed inside the pen. They do not have run of the house, for their own protection. They learn that the part of the pen that is covered in newspapers is the place they eliminate. And of course, they have their bed to sleep in and plenty of toys to play with.

I suggest to new owners they invest in a puppy pen before they get their new baby. It is the safest place to raise your puppy and it gives the puppy a sense of security (not unlike a den that their not-domesticated ancestors). You may take the puppy out to play with under careful supervision once he has had time to settle into his new home, but remember, young puppies need plenty of rest and this pen will ensure they rest comfortably. You may purchase these puppy pens from a lot of places online, do a Google search, or try <>  or from <>

It could also serve to save your puppyís life; many toy puppies have perished due to running into the back of a personís walking feet, or chewed on an electrical cord, etc. And will save your sanity, give you peace of mind, and help in toilet training. The pen is handy when you are not at home to supervise or, in case of most, can be folded down and taken with you on your visit, so puppy is kept safe even in another environment.

Puppies must travel in a dog approved crate for their size while in the car. It is the safest method of transport.

If your puppy is being freighted to you by plane, make sure take some form of ID such as a driverís licence as it will be required by the airport staff to release the puppy to you.

If you are collecting your puppy in person, please also ensure you have a suitable pet carrier to take him home with. Sometimes, I supply these as part of the puppy pack.  Puppies are not to be let loose in a car while driving; sudden breaking can cause serious injury.

Puppies will only be shipped or collected if the weather isnít too hot as early as possible in the morning.

Keep to the diet supplied at least for the first couple of weeks or longer as to not upset the puppyís tummy. If your puppy does get an upset tummy regardless, use the diet for upset tummies. Have on hand an anti-diarrhoea mixture, again available from numerous online stores. Such as: <> <> and many more.

Your puppy has been raised with the utmost care and it is up to you to continue with this same care for the duration of the puppyís life. Make sure to keep the puppy away from other dogs and places where other dogs have visited until at least two weeks post final vaccination. Make sure you worm your puppy as indicated.

Puppies can be groomed every couple of days, more so to make sure they accept grooming later in life. They would have already started their school of grooming here with me, but it is up to you to continue with it, which also includes cutting of nails as needed. Bathing can be delayed for a couple of weeks and make sure to blow dry them following a bath. Use shampoos which are formulated for especially for your puppyís coat. I recommend Fido Puppy Shampoo available at <>

If you have any questions, concerns, or need advice, I am available online at any time during the duration of the puppyís life. An email will be answered within a few hours at the most if it is urgent, as I am on computer on and off all day. Be very descriptive of exactly what is concerning you, no matter how irrelevant the issue may seem. I need to know everything to give you an accurate answer.

Common Sense

Puppies need rest. Donít exhaust your puppy no matter how cute you think he is by constantly picking him up and showing him off to people.

Toy puppies and young children are not a good combination. Children must be strictly supervised around young puppies for the sake of your puppy, not the child.

Select your puppyís toys with safety in mind, Small bits, and teddy bear/doll eyes that can be chewed out of soft toys, are a health hazard. Think like a puppy will think! And think of the consequences to your puppy.

Make sure your puppy always has fresh water available to him.

Donít leave your puppy outside in extremes of weather, be it Summer or Winter.

Donít take your puppy in car rides during the heat of Summer and never ever leave your puppy in a closed car for any periods of time,

When travelling with your puppy by car, ensure he is in a pet carrier and not let loose in the car.

Lead train your puppy to walk properly on a lead or harness and when he is older and you take him for a walk, he will be accustomed to this. Always be careful around large dogs that are always strangers.

Make sure any garden pesticides are out of reach and when using them in the garden make sure your puppy doesnít have access to them.

Be especially careful about certain plants that can cause serious injury or even death to your puppy. Roses are nice, but unless there is a garden fence separating them from your puppy, the thorns can mean a loss of an eye. Azaleas and certain other plants are poisonous to your puppy. Become educated on which plants are and are not, safe for dogs. For your information, I have provided a list of foods thar are dangerous for your dog, on this website.

Be especially careful if you have a swimming pool that your dog doesnít have access to it.

Donít give your puppy bones, especially not cooked chicken bones.

Begin using Revolution on your puppy two to three weeks after you get him. Also available from <>  and or other online places, pet shops, supermarkets and more.

Donít bath your puppy for at least a couple of weeks allowing time to settle in first.

Cupidtown puppies come to you clean, smelling good, and pest free!

Raising puppies is not too different to raising human babies. They thrive on routine, boundaries and unlimited love and affection.  It is up to you to teach them what is expected of them.


Feed only chicken mince with rice and pasta. It can be cooked as stated for the dog stew. Anti-diarrhoea mixture should be given, and the glucose mixture as stated below administered orally up to 10mls during the course of the day.

50mls cooled boiled water to one teaspoon glucose.

The puppy should remain on this diet for at least a few days and then gradually changed over to the normal diet as symptoms subside.

If the symptoms of vomiting, lethargy, depression, or blood in the stools occur, you must take the puppy to the vet for treatment as this indicates a more serious condition than just an upset tummy.

In Conclusion

Enjoy your new baby and thank you for selecting me for your adoption. Every care humanely possible has been taken to breed a healthy and sound puppy and if you follow this advice, you should continue to enjoy your baby for many years to come.  Remember any questions EMAIL If I feel it is urgent, I will call you, otherwise expect an email. Donít forget to include your phone number.

Breeder of over 30 years accredited VCA 3008558694
Dog Victoria member
Member of Master Dog Breeder Associates.
Author of Dog Reference Books
Animal Care Consultant and Diploma in Orthomolecular Medicine.

Anne Roditis-Muscat.